Laparoscopic Hysterectomy by Dr. Imran Muzafar

Partial D2 Gastrectomy by Dr. Imran Muzafar

Cancer Colon Laparoscopically done by Dr. Imran Muzaffar

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Cancer Surgeon Available for Consultation

 Dr. Majid Ahmed Talikoti


Trained Post Doctoral at AIIMS (New Delhi) &

National Cancer Centre Japan


Available for Consultation and performing cancer surgeries


Sunday 20th August 2017

10 am to 04 pm

Doctor’s Director Contact: 8178321010/ 9971977888

Caring and salvaging extreme premature babies Our prime importance and priority

1. Male Baby-Born to primi on 27-12-2015
2. Precious baby- conceived after treatment of infertility (PCOD)
3. Mother had severe pre- eclampsia and was advised for termination at 28weeks of gestation for obvious feto maternal high risk.
4. Patient was somehow managed conservatively to continue with pregnancy upto 30 weeks.
5. Baby was born premature with weight of 990 grams.
6. Soon after birth baby was put on ventilatory support and surfactant was given over an appreciable period of time.
7. Baby developed a lot of complications attributable to his prematurity but was managed by our team of Neonatologists very efficiently.
8. Today on 04-02-2016 baby is 39 days old and has gained approximately 500 grams of weight compared to his birth weight and is doing fine without any support.
9. Baby is Hemodynemically and neurologically fit with no features of CNS damage both Clinically and Radio logically.
10. ROP screening done, no features of ROP
11. Baby is fit to be discharged as far as maturity and weight gain is concerned with regards to standard international norms and protocols.

Florence hospital holds health camp

Srinagar: The Florence hospital here organised a free health camp in which 500 patients were examined.

In a communiqué, hospital said, the patients were examined by physician, surgeon, orthopedicians, gynecologist and pediatrician. “We will hold free medical camps on weekly basis in different districts of Kashmir,” it said, adding the camps were organised to give the best medical and surgical consultations to the poor and needy patients who cannot afford to pay for investigations, consultation and medicine.


Florence Hospital holds free medical camp

Srinagar, June 20: In its second phase of free medical camps, the Florence Hospital, Chanapora held a camp at Charar-e-Shrief on Sunday where more than 800 patients were examined by qualified doctors.

The doctors were from departments of surgery, medicine, gynaecology and orthopaedics of the hospital. Free medicine was distributed among the patients.

The hospital administration thanked local SHO and helpers of the Wakaf Board “who made the camp a success.” Meanwhile, the Hospital said it will soon declare date and venue for its next free camp.